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Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in the normal range is not only critical for energy and mood, but also for cardiovascular, nervous system, and immune health . Since the typical diet is high in refined carbohydrates and sugars, it’s no wonder that such a high proportion of our population has blood sugar concerns. Hectic lifestyles, chronic stress , and genetic predispositions can also easily upset the delicate balance of physiological events that influence glucose and insulin levels.

Nutrition is key for maintaining blood sugar levels. It is not always easy to eat healthful foods all the time, and that’s where our Blood Sugar Program comes in to help. By following the program with these supplements, you can balance your blood sugar and reduce the risk of damage to your body caused by blood sugar highs and lows.

Our Program Includes:

  • Ultrameal Plus 360 (14 serv) – 2 scoops twice daily for 3 months
  • Meta Glycemx (60 qty) – 1 twice daily
  • L Carnitine with Chromium (30 qty) 1 once daily

Each health optimization plan recommendation is individualized considering your medical needs and overall healthcare goals.

Dr. Rob, America's Fitness Doctor™

Price: $181.45

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