Heavy Metal Detox

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Every day we subject ourselves to toxic chemicals, metals and many other polluting elements in the environment. From the air we breathe to the food and water we drink, there are trace amounts of pollutants in everything we come in contact with. Your liver is the primary organ that helps to filter and process these elements, and over time it can become saturated with them.

Our Heavy Metal Detox Program offers specialized nutritional support designed to enhance liver detoxification activities.

Preliminary research suggests that curcumin, andro-graphis, and hops-derived phytonutrients up-regulate the genetic expression of enzymes involved in the metabolism of some heavy metals.

Our Program Includes:

  • Ultraclear Renew
  • MetalloClear
  • Meta Lipoate 300

Each health optimization plan recommendation is individualized considering your medical needs and overall healthcare goals.

Dr. Rob, America's Fitness Doctor™

Price: $181.81

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