Age Management Medical Group Meeting

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This week we are off to Las Vegas for the annual Age Management Medical Group Meeting! We are really excited to learn what is on the horizon in the field of Age Management Medicine such as the new telomerase treatments, genetic testing, and precision epigenetics. And to bring it back here to the Alpha Male Medical Institute for you!

Genetic testing is such a powerful tool—even though it cuts both ways. One of the most powerful concepts in recent medical research is that you inherit genetic potential, not genetic certainty. Your genetic blueprint is not absolute, nor is it a predestined outcome. Sixty-five percent of our health issues are environmentally determined. A recent discovery is a key factor: We used to think that 80 percent of genes were junk; because when scientists broke down the DNA spiral they found only 20 percent was protein. Now it turns out the other 80 percent are actually switches, turning the genes on and off—and turning on and off depending on environmental influences! Genetics loads the gun and environment pulls the trigger. Your genes are not your destiny. It is through changes in lifestyle, diet, and hormone optimization that you can have a positive impact on the aging process. And finding out that there is a genetic predisposition toward a certain disease can be the motivation for us to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Age Management Medicine leads us into a new dimension of healthcare that is clinically, scientifically solid with proactive, preventive protocols that deliver better health outcomes.

Age Management Medicine stands at the forefront of 21st century medicine, incorporating protocols that optimize health, restore endocrine balance, delay the indicators of aging and prevent premature disability and death. As a result, we enjoy a higher quality of life, enhanced sense of well-being and hopefully a longer health span.

We will be leaving the morning of Wednesday, October 31st and back in the Institute on Monday, November 4th.

If you have any necessary refills or requests coming due please be sure to contact us by end of day Tuesday, October 29th. You will be able to contact us while we are in Las Vegas at the meeting, however we will be in educational meetings with colleagues from around the nation from 8 am to 5 pm PST Thursday through Saturday. Please understand any delayed response as this is our opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skill and bring the latest advancements in age management medicine back home here to you.

All the Best in Health & Wellness!

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