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The Alpha Male Medical Institute Team just returned from the Age Management Medical Group 2014 Conference in Las Vegas. Each year, we attend this event to learn about the latest and best information in age management medicine shared by experts from around the world. As part of our ongoing commitment to our patients we implement advanced diagnostics and more precise testing as part of our overall snapshot of health. The more we know, the more accurate treatment we can deliver.

As you well know, there is an inheritable and lifestyle basis to Cardiovascular Disease; however, poor diet and lack of exercise are the primary drivers to a dysfunctional vascular endothelium, the largest organ in the body and where the disease process starts. Many of you have already had your vascular endothelial response measured with the VENDYS Test at your annual Elite Health Evaluations.

The good news is 90% of us would favor a dietary approach as an alternative to prescription medicine. Unfortunately, dietary compliance is the biggest obstacle. The Berkeley Test can help us prevent and manage chronic heart disease by preventing the disease and by providing an inexpensive, do-it-yourself saliva test to both validate functional foods and drive compliance of natural whole foods.

Eating just one good salad can have a profound effect in as little as 90 minutes. In particular the consumption of arugula, spinach, kale, beets or beet juice can powerfully increase your NO (nitric oxide) levels. Then, 90 days later, repeating another functional vascular VENDYS test would show endothelial response to a healthy diet. Additionally, various supplements, medications and exercise can also improve NO levels as well and endothelial function VENDYS scores within weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the underlying science on our nitric oxide test strips or natural nitric oxide whole food such as natural organic beets, arugula, spinach or kale feel free to contact the office and speak with us.






















We would also like you to know that I debuted my new book at the AMMG conference this last weekend. It is appropriately titled “The Low T Book, A Man’s 30 Day Guide To Improve Your Strength, Energy, Libido and Fitness”! The foreword is written by none other than Florence Comite, M.D., the founder of Comite Center for Precision Medicine and the best-seller author of “Keep It Up”.

In “The Low T Book, A Man’s 30 Day Guide To Improve Your Strength, Energy, Libido and Fitness”! you can now discover everything you wanted to know about improving your testosterone by natural methods. As a leading medical expert with over 20 years of clinical experience in men’s health, I have started thousands of men with low testosterone on life saving therapy. This book explains how it is done.














Dr. Rob Kominiarek and Dr. Edwin Lee at the AMMG Conference and Low T Book Signing Event.


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All the Best in Health and Wellness,

Dr. Rob


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