August D.

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“I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about a man that has changed my life, Dr. Rob Kominiarek. For over 10 years I visited the same doctor and always got the same thing, here take this pill, here take that pill, and always felt rushed through my visit as if the doctor really didn’t want to hear or care what I had to say.

Not only did Dr. Kominiarek take the personal time to listen and understand me, he also took the time to ask questions about my personal life, health, and family history. Through all this and some tests he actually determined that I had heart disease, as well as diabetes. I had to ask myself, how did my previous doctor I was seeing for so many years miss all this?

The fatigue I would complain of was just chalked up to too much work. Yet Dr. Kominiarek found serious issues that could have lead to my early death and a prompt heart catheterization with stents saved me all because he took the personal time to listen. He ordered special tests I had never heard of and asked questions no doctor has ever asked me. I feel not only have I gained a doctor for life, that cares, but also a great friend.

After my heart procedure, proper medication, and most importantly diet and lifestyle changes that Dr. Kominiarek has personally tailored to my individual lifestyle in a way that has made me feel now better than when I was in high school.

I am now 43 years “young” have dropped more than just a “few” pounds and feel incredible, I know at anytime if I have a question I can pick up the phone and call Dr. Rob. I can honestly and truthfully say, Thanks Dr. Kominiarek you have changed and saved my life! It’s been a small price to pay for the personal and professional care you have provided for me through The N.E.W.R. You program and I will recommend you to everyone I know.”

August D. – Alpha Male

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