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Telomere Shortening: The Body’s Cellular Aging Clock What are telomeres? Think of them as protective caps on the end of your chromosomes. Over time, repeated cellular replication results in shortening of the telomere end caps. Eventually, this leaves the genetic DNA on the chromosomes vulnerable to damage and mutations. In response to telomere shortening, cells are programmed to either naturally […]

Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver

Heavier people might be more prone to liver cancer, insulin problems, researchers say. Extra pounds cause the liver to age faster, potentially explaining why obesity is linked to diseases like liver cancer and insulin resistance, new research suggests. It’s not clear if this aging directly translates to higher risks of certain diseases. Still, it’s possible that “people whose liver is […]

Alpha Male Medical Institute Update AMMG Conference Las Vegas

The Alpha Male Medical Institute Team just returned from the Age Management Medical Group 2014 Conference in Las Vegas. Each year, we attend this event to learn about the latest and best information in age management medicine shared by experts from around the world. As part of our ongoing commitment to our patients we implement advanced diagnostics and more precise […]

VENDYS Vascular Function Testing

VENDYS VASCULAR FUNCTION TEST VENDYS (pronounced VEN-diss) is a noninvasive diagnostic device used to measure vascular reactivity for early detection of cardiovascular disease and monitoring response to therapy. Click here to watch a video of Dr. Rob giving a demonstration of the VENDYS machine. How does VENDYS work? The VENDYS® test begins with an automated blood pressure measurement, followed by […]

The Dangers Of Excess Sugar

The February 3, 2014 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine reported on the largest study of its kind in medical history.  Yang, et. al., Added Sugar Intake and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Among US Adults. The findings revealed that adults who consumed the most sugar had an almost three times greater risk of dying prematurely […]

7 Steps Before You Treat Low T Newsletter

Feeling like a shadow of your former self?  Gaining fat weight around the midsection?  Not so interested in the things that were once your passion? No longer feel focused and mentally alert?  Could care less about sex?  Hormone imbalance could be the issue and Testosterone Deficiency or “Low T” may be robbing you of your once dominant youth and vitality! […]

Learn how “healthy” foods actually contain tons of sugar

Food marketing can be deceiving. Learn how much sugar is actually in those “healthy” foods. Dr. Rob and Living Dayton’s Shaun Kraisman demonstrate how much sugar is in the everyday foods we consume. Check out the video below and then read Dr. Rob’s informative article on low glycemic nutrition. As we age, our hormone levels begin to decline and Hormone […]

Ready for some great tips on how to keep your New Years Resolutions?

Ready for some great tips on how to keep your New Years Resolutions? Dr. Rob sat down with Vanessa Freeman to help us understand the reasons why many of us don’t follow though with our resolutions and offers several tips on how to succeed in our goals this coming year. As we age, our hormone levels begin to decline and […]

Want To Know What Goes On At The Alpha Male Medical Institute?

Want To Know What Goes On At The Alpha Male Medical Institute? We had a lot of fun talking about the serious subject of men’s health with Living Dayton’s Shaun Kraisman. Shaun was a great sport and demonstrated what our Elite Health Evaluation patients experience at The Alpha Male Medical Institute. Our Elite Health Evaluation patients go through a carefully […]

Questions About Sermorelin Therapy Newsletter

Recently I have had several questions about Sermorelin therapy and its numerous health related advantages.  I thought I would share with you the most common questions I have received about GHRF therapy. What is Sermorelin? Sermorelin is a form of Growth Hormone Releasing Factor (GHRF) that contains only the first 29 amino acids. The GHRF that is produced by neurosecretory […]

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