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Tom V.

Thank you Dr. Rob for helping me to recover so quickly from my overtraining syndrome which has plagued me for better than 2 years now! Your detailed evaluation and consultation of my labs and intracellular nutrients was remarkable. Your intense or should I say “relaxing” two week program has me feeling very energized again and hopeful I will be able […]

Beth M.

Dr. Rob. I have to tell you, I’ve never felt better. Your treatment has made a BIG difference in my energy level, in all kinds of good ways. I am thrilled with your service. Kyle is just so very on top of his game, the delightful woman who draws blood- (and I am NOT good with that) is simply wonderful, […]


I can’t say enough about Dr. Rob and thank God we found him! I had been to several doctors and specialists for profound fatigue, weight gain, and difficulty getting pregnant and staying pregnant. At one point the last endocrine specialist I saw told me I needed to see a psychiatrist and that all my labs were normal! As a last […]


Thanks Dr. Rob for helping me feel zippy and peppy again!


I had been looking for a doctor who knows how to use hormones and had become rather frustrated with the lack of knowledge of my family doctor and urologist regarding their use and their reluctance to help me. Let me tell you that Dr. Rob is the “Hormone Doctor” to see! Within one month after starting therapy I feel GREAT! […]


Thanks Dr. Rob for the incredibly fast and immediate relief from my hot flashes and night sweats! I feel like I am functioning normally again without sweating all over everything and everybody. I carry my triturates with me where ever I go.


I can’t say enough about Dr. Rob and the Institute. After several other doctors and a nurse practitioner I finally found a doctor who knows how to use hormones! Dr. Rob explained in great detail not only why I need to replace the hormones I no longer make because of having my uterus and ovaries removed but how I should […]


After dealing with my general practitioner, a urologist, and an endocrinologist, I finally found a place where I can get answers to questions I have had since being diagnosed with Low T.  And to top it off, I learned of other conditions affecting my health that I have never known in my 50+ years of life! I am very happy […]

Doug, 54

Thank you Dr. Rob for all your help and advice!  Your Institute gets an A++ for incredible service.

Todd, 48

Wow!  I did not realize how bad my health really was and how my bad eating habits were destroying my health.  I am truly excited to feel healthy again.  Dr. Rob and his staff are outstanding!

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