Jeff, A Very Thorough Doc!

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In February 2012 I was hit with a condition known as Bell’s palsy. After receiving an MRI at the ER, I followed up with my Family Doctor over the next nine weeks. My Family Doctor offered really no help other than that my immune system was stressed & that was the reason for the Bell’s palsy. I spent the next 3 months recuperating and was fortunate that I made 100% recovery with my facial nerves but, was experiencing numbness in my face as well as getting fatigued easily. Fast forward 14 months later still fatigued, numb, & now 55lbs heavier I needed to reverse this ASAP!

I met with Dr. Rob & he listened to my history/symptoms & asked me some direct questions. Dr. Rob asked, ” Have you been tested for Lyme Disease?”  I had not been tested and I had inquired about that with my Family Doctor but, my Family Doctor told me I had Bell’s due to a virus. Dr. Rob said lets get you tested for Lyme disease while your having the other lab work done. A week later I got the call from Dr. Rob that my lab report tested positive for Lyme disease and very low testosterone. Dr. Rob had a plan of action for me ASAP! I was on antibiotics within an hour of Dr. Rob’s call. The numbness discontinued within five days of taking the antibiotics… I Only Wish I Would Have Went To Dr. Rob 14 months ago!

I started the low T plan replacement and my energy is through the roof!! Best I have felt in a long time! Dr. Rob & his institute put together a tailored plan to meet my needs! It is the best investment I could make for my family and me!!

Thank you Dr. Rob & The Alpha Male Medical Institute!

Jeff 42yrs young!

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