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I can’t say enough about Dr. Rob and thank God we found him! I had been to several doctors and specialists for profound fatigue, weight gain, and difficulty getting pregnant and staying pregnant. At one point the last endocrine specialist I saw told me I needed to see a psychiatrist and that all my labs were normal! As a last ditch effort we decided to think outside traditional health care and we were recommend to see Dr. Rob. So glad we did! Before our appointment he had me get very comprehensive laboratory and based on those results he had me get some more lab. At our consultation which lasted about 3 hours, he told us right at the beginning I had a undiagnosed endocrine problem called PCOS that was causing all my issues. We were just floored. How could all these other doctors not find out what my problem was and Dr. Rob said he knew before we even met once he saw my labs. Anyways he had me start on metformin, thyroid medication, and progesterone and we are happy to report that after 4 months of therapy not only do I have my energy back and have lost weight but we are pregnant! Thank you Dr. Rob you are a blessing and we are very grateful we found you!

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