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In designing the Alpha Male Medical Institute® treatment program specifically for you, Dr. Rob strives to establish a hierarchy of therapies, which provide the most efficacies with the least side effects. First and foremost, it is important to assess your baseline metabolic and physiologic needs. This is accomplished with an intensive array of laboratory and diagnostic tests performed in the comfort and privacy of our elite institute. We take a scientific, step wise approach to address your specific health needs.

Secondly, exercise as a therapy, can have profound positive effects on every aspect of metabolism. Regular, meaningful exercise is the most powerful anti-aging prescription. Various forms of exercise have been effectively used for such conditions as depression, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, and low testosterone. We build a highly efficient and effective exercise program specifically for you to meet your goals and needs. Surprisingly to many, you will be exercising less and making substantial gains quickly all while increasing the quality and longevity of your health span.

If a condition is long-standing or if the person has suffered some damage to the body, healthy nutrition and exercise are in order but the individual often requires more aggressive therapy. This is where the addition of tailored vitamins, minerals and intelligent hormone optimization play a pivotal role in correcting deficient or excess hormones. For more severe problems or those, which do not respond to nonprescription therapy, then we bring in prescription pharmaceuticals. We strive to temper the therapy to the severity of the problem.

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