Precision Medicine

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Personal, Preventative, Proactive.

Precision Functional Medicine focuses on optimizing your health and enhancing your quality of life while simultaneously reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, bone fractures, dementia, and other disorders of aging. Your metabolism is at the heart of every chemical change that occurs in your system.


Hormones are the “agents of change” of metabolism directing the activities of cells, chemicals, and organs. Aging brings with it hormonal decline, which, in turn, weakens the body’s metabolic functioning. The result? Metabolic “slow down” including weight gain (the spare tire), thinning hair, loss of muscle, poor recovery from exercise, and decreased strength, energy, sexual function and cognition. Most people are familiar with signs of aging but do not understand the connection between hormonal decline, which begins in the 30’s, and how it undermines optimal metabolic function that lead to disorders of aging.

Dr. Rob and the Alpha Male Medical Institute Team is immersed in the emerging field of Precision Medicine – The emphasis is on the individual mapping your own body, understanding your individual and unique genetics, and improving your own health. We will help you collect your personal health biometrics and combine those with lab results, our goal being to help you optimize your health span to last your lifespan. Reclaim your peak health through Predictive, Preventative and Proactive Precision Medicine!

Optimum health is no accident. It is the reward for taking a preventative and proactive approach towards your personal health. We have assembled some of the most advanced, comprehensive services available today and a responsive, dedicated staff who understand your goals and needs. My only objective is determining the most effective, safest therapy for my patients and to engage my patients in the active pursuit of optimal health and to provide personalized superior care.

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