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Tom V.

Thank you Dr. Rob for helping me to recover so quickly from my overtraining syndrome which has plagued me for better than 2 years now! Your detailed evaluation and consultation of my labs and intracellular nutrients was remarkable. Your intense or should I say “relaxing” two week program has me feeling very energized again and hopeful I will be able […]

Beth M.

Dr. Rob. I have to tell you, I’ve never felt better. Your treatment has made a BIG difference in my energy level, in all kinds of good ways. I am thrilled with your service. Kyle is just so very on top of his game, the delightful woman who draws blood- (and I am NOT good with that) is simply wonderful, […]


I can’t say enough about Dr. Rob and thank God we found him! I had been to several doctors and specialists for profound fatigue, weight gain, and difficulty getting pregnant and staying pregnant. At one point the last endocrine specialist I saw told me I needed to see a psychiatrist and that all my labs were normal! As a last […]


Thanks Dr. Rob for helping me feel zippy and peppy again!


I had been looking for a doctor who knows how to use hormones and had become rather frustrated with the lack of knowledge of my family doctor and urologist regarding their use and their reluctance to help me. Let me tell you that Dr. Rob is the “Hormone Doctor” to see! Within one month after starting therapy I feel GREAT! […]


Thanks Dr. Rob for the incredibly fast and immediate relief from my hot flashes and night sweats! I feel like I am functioning normally again without sweating all over everything and everybody. I carry my triturates with me where ever I go.


I can’t say enough about Dr. Rob and the Institute. After several other doctors and a nurse practitioner I finally found a doctor who knows how to use hormones! Dr. Rob explained in great detail not only why I need to replace the hormones I no longer make because of having my uterus and ovaries removed but how I should […]


After dealing with my general practitioner, a urologist, and an endocrinologist, I finally found a place where I can get answers to questions I have had since being diagnosed with Low T.  And to top it off, I learned of other conditions affecting my health that I have never known in my 50+ years of life! I am very happy […]

Doug, 54

Thank you Dr. Rob for all your help and advice!  Your Institute gets an A++ for incredible service.

Todd, 48

Wow!  I did not realize how bad my health really was and how my bad eating habits were destroying my health.  I am truly excited to feel healthy again.  Dr. Rob and his staff are outstanding!

Tony, 51

Outstanding!  Everything explained in an excellent manor by Dr. Rob.  I am excited to feel like myself again!

Scott, 39

Very thorough and informative.  I am excited to start this very comprehensive program.

Bob, 38

Truly Exciting!  I feel that my visit to the Alpha Male Medical Institute has given me a solid foundation for reaching my goals!

Chris 42

I was shocked to find out how many hormone deficiencies I had, it’s no wonder I have not felt well for so long.  I am excited to start feeling better.  Dr. Rob and the staff are very complete in their evaluation and recommendations.

Mike 58

This is a very comprehensive program!  I learned more about my health in 3 hours with Dr. Rob than I have learned from any traditional physical.  Looking forward to feeling like myself again!

Ron 64

I was apprehensive at first, but so glad I came.  This program far exceeded my expectations.


Excellent and life changing for sure! Chris, 43 year old Alpha Male


Great experience, Dr. Rob is incredibly knowledgeable and made everything easy to understand. In short, Awesome! Jacob, 31


Everyone at the Institute was warm, friendly and inviting, they made me feel very comfortable. Overall the experience was incredible. I’m looking forward to improving my health and fitness! Russell – 42


The staff is friendly and non-judgemental. It makes the testing much less stressful. Jacob, 33


A video testimonial from Daven Michaels, New York Times best selling author of “Outsource Smart” Check him out online Buy “Outsource Smart” on Amazon

Jeff, A Very Thorough Doc!

In February 2012 I was hit with a condition known as Bell’s palsy. After receiving an MRI at the ER, I followed up with my Family Doctor over the next nine weeks. My Family Doctor offered really no help other than that my immune system was stressed & that was the reason for the Bell’s palsy. I spent the next […]

Andrea – One Of Our Female Pateints

As a woman going to The Alpha Male Institute I was pleasantly surprised at how things were catered to not necessarily my sex, but to me! Very thorough, very state-of-the-art!


Very informative and through!  I feel assured that my needs will be completely addressed and in a professional manner.  The Elite Health Evaluation is superior and I would highly recommend the Alpha Male Medical Institute to my family and friends! Brian, 45

Tim – The King of Cheap!

First of all I have to say this was the most professional and complete doctors visit I have ever had.  We travelled over 4 hours to the Institute and immediately upon our arrival we were attended to like royalty!  Dr. Rob’s beside manner is the best!  All my questions were completely answered and all of the staff took care of […]


After taking the online low-T quiz, I scheduled an appointment and was shocked to find out how low my testosterone really was!  Which certainly explained all of the issues I was having.  Dr. Rob was very thorough with his explanation of what was happening inside my body and presented different treatment options and how they would affect my body and […]


My husband started the Alpha Male Program a little over a month ago and the changes I have seen in him are nothing short of amazing!  He already has more energy and has lost over 20 pounds and looks younger. I decided to follow along with the nutrition program and exercise guide given to him by Dr. Kominiarek and in […]


The information I was presented was highly specialized and will help me get to the next level with my fitness.  This is the place for those serious about taking charge of their personal health and fitness.  I knew immediately when I entered the Institute that I had come to the right place and the atmosphere is warm, friendly, and highly […]


Excellent service!  I am truly grateful that this kind of medical care for men exists right here in Dayton.  You are only as wealthy as your health and fitness and with Dr. Rob in my corner I know that I have the right kind of information and support to make all the positive changes in my life happen.  I knew […]


The Elite Health Evaluation was fun and very through!  I received a great deal of incredible information.  The over all process was very professional with a great deal of sincerity.  All aspects of this A+ program were superior to any care I have received before and I highly recommend the Alpha Male Institute. Dan


I was surprised to find out that I was deficient in multiple hormones, it’s no wonder I don’t feel like myself.  Everyone was very nice and helpful.  My visit was very easy and carefree.  I am excited to see the results of the program.  Thank You. Randy, 38


Incredibly powerful information!  Dr. Rob is very knowledgeable and absolutely knows what he is talking about.  What is impressive is that it is very obvious he lives what he preaches and so does his team.  I am very excited about my results! Charles, 46


Extremely informative and a “Life Changing Experience”!  Dr. Rob and his team have made my life dramatically better! Mike, 44


This was the most thorough examination and instruction I have ever had by any physician and his team of professionals. All the tests were very enlightening and really give you a true picture of your current health status.  I was very apprehensive at first because I really did not want to know what they may find out about my health, […]


Amazing!  Over the past year and half my energy levels kept decreasing and I was running on empty by the middle of the afternoon and even coffee did not seem to work.  I knew something was not right and I had to do something because I could not continue this way.  The whole process was amazing and very quick, I […]


What a great concept.  Everything was very quick and simple, from getting the lab work, my diagnosis and the treatment options.  I did not realize how many different treatment options and methods were available to treat low T.  I knew something was not right because I did not feel like myself and Dr. Rob was very through with his diagnosis […]


Truly unbelievable!  I can not thank you enough for your thorough investigation into my health complaints.  At 52 years of age I have spent the last several years with increasing health complaints.  Just never feeling like myself and unable to get through the day without feeling as if I had run a marathon and falling asleep on the couch before […]


Thank you for your professional and expert advice.  I had been receiving testosterone therapy in previous years with less than expected results, little did I know that I was not being dosed correctly.  Your entire staff and office is very professional and the personalized attention to my specific health care needs is greatly appreciated, I will recommend you to everyone […]


Very Professional!  A great environment with very thorough explanations of the diagnostic and laboratory procedures.  The process of learning about your current medical status and where the deficiencies lie and more importantly the plan I was given to improve my youth and vitality is invaluable!  I know my health future is in great hands! Chuck 66


You do not realize how valuable your health is until you lose it.  The information from all the diagnostic tests is amazing and the level of professionalism and care is superior. The care I receive from all the staff at the Alpha Male Medical Institute is the “track” I  need to run on for life!!  Thank You!! Steve 45


Outstanding!! The information provided to me through the intensive diagnostics, laboratory , and consultations is so powerful!  I highly recommend this outstanding program. Doug 38


The level of professionalism from the entire team was incredible! Every aspect of this program from the on-site diagnostics, physician consultation, exercise and nutrition consultation, the videos, the explanation of my lab results and tests and the attention to my specific issues was something I had never experienced in the normal doctors office.  The Alpha Male Medical Institute™ makes standard […]


Wow! What a wake up call!  My Elite Health Evaluation revealed several deficiencies that needed immediate attention and I was given an actionable plan to get control of my health that day.  The carotid ultrasound alone was enough to motivate me into action.  I highly recommend this A++ men’s health program. Bret 46


I feel that there is a sincere, honest desire to help men achieve better health through the Alpha Male Medical Institute programs.  This is a much more personal and in depth approach to true health and fitness than I have ever experienced before or could be delivered in the traditional health care model.  A+ service that I would highly recommend […]


I’m 48 years old and have worked in law enforcement for over 26 years, the last 12 years as an upper-level command officer. In that position, I was not as active as a Patrol Officer and most of my day was confined to sitting at my desk. I began to feel very tired, sluggish, especially in the afternoon. I felt […]

August D.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about a man that has changed my life, Dr. Rob Kominiarek. For over 10 years I visited the same doctor and always got the same thing, here take this pill, here take that pill, and always felt rushed through my visit as if the doctor really didn’t want […]

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