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What Alpha Males Don’t Eat at Night

Hi Everyone! 
Let’s talk about how eating late at night can actually accelerate your fat loss and help you obtain a flat, attractive belly
even faster, but the key is choosing the right foods and avoiding
foods that wreak havoc on your waistline when consumed in the
evening hours…and that’s what today’s newsletter is all about.

The #1 food you should be AVOIDING late at night is STARCHY CARBS!

(breads, rice, pasta, potatoes, and processed foods like chips, cookies, cakes, and candies)

If you remember the concept of glycation that we talked about during your Elite Health Evaluation, when you consume carbohydrates, those carbs are
digested, broken down, and released into your blood as sugar. 
A modest increase in blood sugar during the day is fine as you are
more active during the day than you are at night and your metabolism
is still going strong during the daytime hours.

At night, however, metabolism is slowing and you are winding
down. This is not a good time for excess sugar to be present
in your bloodstream.

Not only that, but carbs also cause your body to release the 
storage hormone insulin, and again, when metabolism is slowing
in the evening hours, high levels of insulin are not desirable. In 
fact, it has been shown that the body’s ability to burn fat is 
dramatically reduced in the presence of insulin. This is an important reason to skip out on starchy carbs in the evening, especially late
at night.

So if carbs are not a good choice at night, you can probably guess
that protein is a better option…and you are right. So keep it simple and have a hard-boiled egg, protein pudding, or one of the delicious protein shakes listed in your Alpha Male Nutrition Guide.

Dr. Rob, Professional Alpha Male

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